Retrofittable Turn Assistant for Commercial Vehicles

Our radar-based turn assistant RightViu for commercial vehicles has been on the market since this summer for easy retrofitting of existing fleets.

Interview with Nikolai Setzer

Interview with the new Continental Executive Board Chairman.

150 Years of Continental

Mobility. Our heartbeat for 150 years.

More se­cu­rity, fewer keys – Key-as-a-Ser­vice so­lu­tions for com­mer­cial ve­hi­cles

Innovation manager Carsten Segesser about Key-as-a-Service solutions for commercial vehicles.

Transparent Hood: Be Adventurous on Country Roads

Have you always wanted to explore new roads with your car? With our Transparent Hood function even for the driver hidden paths become visible.

Stressless Parking in Parking Blocks With Its Sophisticated Tight Corners

Our Transparent Hood function makes the hood 'transparent' for a clear view of the terrain under the front of the car.

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