Transparent Hood: Be Adventurous on Country Roads

Have you always wanted to explore new roads with your car? With our Transparent Hood function even for the driver hidden paths become visible.

Stressless Parking in Parking Blocks With Its Sophisticated Tight Corners

Our Transparent Hood function makes the hood 'transparent' for a clear view of the terrain under the front of the car.

Mask Production in Hanover Stöcken

Continental producing 80,000 medical masks a day in Hanover-Stöcken.

Turn Assist System for All Trucks – Continental Makes Roads Safer for Pedestrians and Cyclists

A turn assist system that can be easily retrofitted, even in older trucks.

Pandemiesichere Produktion

Pandemic-safe Production at Continental

Pandemic-safe production at the Continental location in Regensburg, May 2020.

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