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      Automated Driving

      A selection of current press pictures regarding the topic: Automated Driving.

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      Technology Trends (Pictures)
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      Automated Driving

      Artificial Intelligence (AI)

      Artificial Intelligence is a new key driver for enhanced functions and usability in the car and beyond. It can also add more safety, e.g. for automated driving functions.

      CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience)

      Continental has built a demo vehicle to enable driverless mobility, especially in cities. The vehicle, named CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience) will start its trials at Continental’s Frankfurt location. Solutions for driverless robo taxis are developed cross-divisional. The company has therefore access to an almost complete product portfolio of its own sensors, actuators, control units and communication and networking technology.

      Cruising Chauffeur

      With the Cruising Chauffeur, Continental offers an assistance system for highway and secondary roads that supports the driver on longer distances and allows the driver to relax during daily commute.

      Valet Parking

      A valet parking service can usually be found in front of hotels, airports and restaurants as well as at events and some parking garages, where drivers hand their keys over to an attendant at the entrance. The attendant then finds a parking space, parks the car and brings it back to the transfer point for collection. The technology company Continental has developed an automated solution, which makes it possible for the car itself to perform valet parking.