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      Press Release
      September 26, 2023

      Continental trade fair highlight: ProViu 360 surround-view camera system improves safety in agriculture


      • The ProViu 360 surround-view camera system receives the DLG seal of approval for use in agricultural vehicles
      • New functions warn of collisions, improve the overview and enable more efficient processes
      • Continental will present a wide range of smart and sustainable solutions for agriculture at Agritechnica

      Hanover/Schwalbach, Germany, September 26, 2023. Under the motto “Our Smart Farming. For Your Harvest of Tomorrow,” the technology company Continental will present a wide range of products and digital solutions for agriculture at this year’s Agritechnica. One of Continental’s trade fair highlights will be the innovative ProViu 360 surround-view system. Thanks to its features specially designed for demanding use in agriculture, it was awarded the official “DLG-Approved” seal. This award is presented by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for agro-technical products. The ProViu 360 particularly convinced the jury in the “Field of View and Display Size” and “Handling and Operation” categories. For example, the testers found it very helpful for agricultural machine operators that the ProViu 360 system displays both the rear power lift and the front power lift during coupling. “We’re delighted that our surround-view system for agricultural machinery convinced the independent DLG experts that it’s not only suitable for the challenging activities in agriculture, but it can also be recommended to increase the safety of large agricultural machines and the people around them,” says Georg Kliewer, Head of Special Vehicles in Continental’s Automotive Aftermarket business segment.

      Better overview, fewer blind spots, increased safety

      During the development of ProViu 360 and its features, Continental’s experts drew on their many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of passenger car environment detection. This preparatory work acted as a technological springboard for innovations in larger vehicle classes with smaller production runs, such as those in the agricultural sector.

      The images taken by four cameras with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and a resolution of 1.3 megapixels with a viewing angle of up to 194 degrees are combined in the control unit, thanks to a complex algorithm that creates a perfect view of the vehicle from a bird’s eye perspective. This provides a better overview of the surroundings and eliminates blind spots. The ProViu 360 also has three additional features which set new standards for surround camera systems: “Pedestrian Detection” builds on the City Emergency Brake Assist system, which originated in passenger car development. The system specifically identifies people in the near field of the agricultural machine to warn of impending collisions. “Clean Camera Assist” keeps the platform operational by alerting the driver when a camera is dirty or blocked. The “Transparent Chassis” provides a better overview and greater precision for particularly wide harvesters. This last feature has a front-mounted camera that films the area in front of the vehicle and sends the images to the control unit, which then displays the images according to the vehicle’s steering angle and speed. In this way, the Transparent Chassis enables a view “through” the vehicle for the operator despite a lack of front visibility. Wheel ruts and deep depressions in the ground, for example, can be clearly seen.

      In Continental’s Booth A19 in Hall 20, the focus will be on forward-looking technologies, such as AI-based systems, autonomous mobile robot solutions, sensors and tire technologies that ensure greater sustainability, safety and efficiency on the farm, in the greenhouse and on the field. Thus, the smart farm of the future is already becoming a reality for farmers today. Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology will take place from November 12 to 18 in Hanover, Germany.

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