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      Press Release
      February 05, 2019

      The Entry-Level Model – Continental Launches New TPMS Go Tool

      • Fast checking and programming of almost all tire pressure sensors for passenger cars
      • Predestined to be a second device – TPMS Go is practical, rugged and economical

      Frankfurt, February 2019 – practical, rugged and economical: The technology company Continental has launched a new universal service tool for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). With the VDO TPMS Go device, workshops can not only program all common universal sensors for cars, but also read out nearly every TPMS sensor on the market. The TPMS Go combines the most important functions of the already-established VDO TPMS Pro device with a practical design, making it suitable as a supplement to a diagnostic device or as a slim and inexpensive first-choice device. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to workshops everywhere. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to offer more options for tire service with the TPMS Go, regardless of whether the workshop wants to join the TPMS world or expand its TPMS options,” says Peter Wagner, Head of the Independent Aftermarket business segment at Continental.

      Extensive database, simple user interface

      The TPMS Go can be used to display information such as the TPMS sensor ID, battery status, tire air temperature and tire pressure. “It’s a perfect choice for workshops that want to add TPMS to their range of services,” says Filip Kevilj, TPMS Tools Product Manager at Continental. Workshops that are already using a TPMS diagnostic tool like the TPMS Pro can also benefit from purchasing the TPMS Go. While the TPMS Pro has some additional options, like teaching sensors via the OBD II interface, the TPMS Go is particularly practical and is ideal as a second device, e.g. for a quick check during vehicle reception or if the larger TPMS tool is being used for another vehicle.

      The VDO TPMS Go has an extensive, built-in database that provides a wealth of information about TPMS sensors, such as spare part numbers and torques. The database covers all OE sensors worldwide and also the most common universal sensors. Thanks to its compact, rugged design and simple, ergonomic, easy-to-understand user interface, the TPMS Go makes technicians’ work a lot easier, since it enables them to react more flexibly and quickly. One example of this is performing an easy, quick check on tire pressure sensors while the car is still on the parking lot. “In a situation like this, the TPMS Go is an important and extremely practical tool,” says Filip Kevilj.

      Update license for two years for all common sensor brands

      Another decisive advantage of the device is the provision of updates and licenses. “Nowadays, a product is characterized by how well it covers the vehicle and sensor database and how often the database is updated,” says Kevilj. “The TPMS Go receives monthly database updates, so it always has the latest protocols and information on the vehicle models and sensors.” Users can perform updates via the WebTPM PC software, and unlike other comparable tools on the market, the TPMS Go offers a two-year license for updates to all common and programmable sensor brands.

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