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      Automated Parking

      Valet Parking - Pull Up and Have Your Car Parked for You

      Continental implements fully automated valet parking

      A valet parking service can usually be found in front of hotels, airports and restaurants as well as at events and some parking garages, where drivers hand their keys over to an attendant at the entrance. The attendant then finds a parking space, parks the car and brings it back to the transfer point for collection. The technology company Continental has developed an automated solution, which makes it possible for the car itself to perform valet parking.

      At the IAA 2017, Continental has shown how this works in a real vehicle at its location in Frankfurt. The driver leaves the car at a transfer point in front of the parking garage and activates Valet Parking. The vehicle then drives through the barrier automatically, finds a free parking space and parks. When the driver presses a button on their mobile phone, the car returns to the transfer point automatically.


      With Valet Parking, Continental is presenting a driverless function, which relieves drivers from a tedious procedure. The Valet Parking function provides drivers with a real plus in terms of convenience and time. It is also a concrete step towards modern mobility based on fully automated driving.

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