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      Skilled like a Racing Driver, precise like a Math-Genius

      • Software Driving Planner enables highly automated driving on motorways

      Continental shows how an intelligent software solution for autonomous driving offers new possibilities. With the driving planner, the technology company presents an innovative development that enables highly automated driving at level 3 – the vehicle masters certain driving situations without intervention and monitoring by the driver. The software calculates complex traffic situations up to numerous seconds in advance and derives safe vehicle maneuvers. Especially on motorways and expressways, driver assistance systems will increasingly take over semi-autonomous tasks in the future and relieve the driver in decisive situations. The Driving Planner works in combination with two other software modules – one for environment detection and one for activating and coordinating the steering, transmission, engine, and brakes.


      "With our intensively tested technologies for automated driving conforming to everyday requirements, we are significantly promoting road safety. Our solutions show: Automated driving can already offer a big plus in safety and comfort if we support drivers in typical, often stressful driving situations with intelligent technology."

      The special feature of the new solution: It allows the combination of longitudinal and transverse movements in a harmonious, intelligent, and tightly timed interaction. Previously available systems – adaptive cruise control and lane change assist – plan longitudinal and transverse movements largely independently. The integrated longitudinal and transverse planning is based on driving physics models and represents a major evolutionary step towards autonomous driving: The Driving Planner basically is capable like a racing driver and precise in its calculations like a math genius.

      The software system is close to series production and ready for use; production can start as early as 2024.

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