Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Electric drive systems are changing mobility

The electrification of power transmission technology has undergone significant development in recent years. Innovative solutions for both gasoline and diesel engines as well as electrified drive systems form the basis for increasingly efficient and low-emission vehicles: through its vision of "Clean Power," Continental and Vitesco Technologies are demonstrating the possibilities of clean mobility. Closer connectivity ensures more environmentally friendly, intelligent, and more comfortable mobility.​​​​​​​

What does electrification mean?

With its comprehensive technology toolkit, Continental offers vehicle manufacturers the components and systems they need to gradually bring tailor-made electrification to the roads, from start/stop technologies as well as 48-volt and hybrid components to systems for purely electric vehicles.

Compact and economical: Electric-only driving in hybrid vehicles is enabled by 48-volt technology. © Continental AG

Focus on active climate protection

Environmentally friendly vehicles: In the long term, the electrification of cars and two-wheelers will make an indispensable contribution to more efficient driving with lower emissions. This is because CO2 emissions and exhaust gases can be significantly reduced through the further development of innovative power transmission technologies. The connectivity of the various vehicle systems, together with a mix of materials optimized for lightweight design, helps to reduce energy consumption in the long term – whether on country roads, the freeway, or in the megacities of the future.

Lightweight design meets electric mobility

The industry is using various approaches to combat car drivers' range anxiety, with lightweight design playing an important role. One example is the development of a lightweight brake booster that is 50 percent lighter than the preceding generation, thereby significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Another example, related to the vehicle body, is a polyamide support bearing, which reduces the weight of the vehicle. At the same time, plastics processing also offers more ride comfort. Environmentally friendly cars with maximum comfort – thanks to lightweight design!

Our aim: development of sustainable vehicle systems

Efficiency is closely related to sustainability. Efficient, Environmentally friendly cars consume less energy and produce considerably fewer CO2emissions. Therefore, through the electrification of a diesel or gasoline engine (hybrid drive), CO2 emissions and exhaust gases can be significantly reduced. 

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