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      Where We Share Things About Life at Continental

      Every day, we publish lots of great pictures, stories, news, open positions and other information through our various social media profiles and websites.  

      And we are happy if you spread the word – after all, as a member of the global Continental family, you know best what our brand, our products and our services stand for. So, if you would like to make our content more visible through your own personal account: We’d appreciate it very much if you like, share and comment on our posts.  

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      Platform Specific Information


      On our blog People@Continental, employees can share their own work-related stories in blog posts (kind of a shared public diary). The “blogger” can choose how their page looks and what subject they wish to address, while followers can interact with the content maker through comments and shares.  

      Compared to LinkedIn Pulse (the internal expert blog of LinkedIn) our blog offers a branded platform which is not embedded into any social network, so it’s independent and accessible to everyone. It’s also more about working life at Continental than about exchanging information on expert topics. 

      Write us an email to


      Clubhouse is a social network based on voice. People come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. It is only possible to join live, the content can not be consumed at a later stage. Missed is missed. As a Continental employee you are free to speak about Continental topics in any Clubhouse room following our social code. All Clubhouse rooms are public so always imagine competitors, journalists or investors could be in the room listening to you as well.

      Any commercial use of the app is not allowed according the terms of use of Clubhouse. So there is no Continental profile available.

      Another issue is that data protection requirements are not met. Due to several vulnerabilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and also our Continental Policy, the “Binding Corporate Rules” and data protection law, the installation and use of the app on business devices is not permitted.


      With billions of members globally, Facebook is the world’s biggest social network. While it has a focus on private interaction, it is still popular for corporate uses as well. Continental manages several profiles in all countries.

      Facebook has experienced more than one dent to its reputation due to privacy issues. Please be aware that using Facebook on your phone – particularly in connection with WhatsApp, which is also run by Facebook – might compromise the privacy of your entire list of contacts.

      WhatsApp is not allowed on smartphones provided by Continental, to comply with internal legal requirements. Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps are allowed on smartphones provided by Continental, but users must deactivate the contact data upload option in the apps’ settings.

      Facebook does, however, offer a host of privacy options, many of which are buried in the depths of the profile settings and which are sometimes hard to locate. 

      If you are at all concerned about your privacy on Facebook and the personal data you allow the network to obtain and to use, you can check out our tutorial video, which will help you find the best settings for an enjoyable and reasonably safe Facebook experience. 

      Continental is managing many different profiles on Facebook following one global standard. The profiles are specified in their naming to make visible from which country they are provided as well as if they cover a specific topic like career or tires.



      GitHub is a platform that provides hosting for software development version control using Git. There are several internally hosted GitHub services within Continental that can be used for different software development projects. Please keep in mind that it is not allowed to use the public GitHub for any Continental related tasks, or to disclose any business information! 

      GitHub has not only made coding easier, but also transformed how people code and even how software developers think about programming.

      The platform is so simple and easy to use, so that people can share code and work collaboratively, turning a programming tool into, almost, a social network like service. 

      It offers all the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features. The platform access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project.  

      But make sure not to share confidential or copyrighted codes or code fragments. You should never document any password on the platform. Everything mentioned in our Social Code allies to this platform as well. 


      Glassdoor is a platform for employer ratings where people are free to feedback on their current or former employers anonymously.  

      The platform helps people get a clear perspective on potential employers before they are hired, helping them make the decision to work for or not work for a prospective employer.  

      Continental has a profile on the platform as well as with already more than 3,000 reviews. You want to engage with this platform? See how in the drop-down "Write an Employer Review" here...


      Available in more than 50 countries, Indeed is a job search engine with the additional function to review your current or former employer. 

      For Continental we are sharing one global profile.


      Instagram is great for sharing images and videos with your friends and family – or with the entire world. It’s a legitimate combination of a photo-sharing platform and a social network, focused on real-time content and interaction. The Instagram stories function is most popular. The content you share in there will only be available for a time span of 24 hours if you don't save it to your "highlight stories". So it is mainly used to keep followers up-to-date on daily life. The settings give you the option to set your profile to private. If you choose to do so, only people you explicitly allow to follow you will be able to see what you post.

      Instagram is also known for extensive use of hashtags to make posts easy to find for anyone interested in a particular topic. 

      Since Instagram is owned by Facebook you will have to take some privacy issues into consideration. Most importantly, if you use Facebook (or WhatsApp) and Instagram on the same device, Facebook will inevitably connect these two accounts and all data they gather on you from both networks. 

      The Instagram app is allowed on smartphones provided by Continental, but users must deactivate the contact data upload option in the apps’ settings. 

      Take Over Our Continental Instagram Profile

      Have you ever thought about sharing what a day in your work life at Continental is like with friends and offer potential talents a glimpse behind the scenes? See how in the drop-down "Take over our Instagram profile" here...


      Kununu is an employer rating platform for the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).  

      Through authentic reviews Kununu gives job seekers an inside look into companies before they go to work there and also allows all prospective employees to contribute to the greater community by sharing their real work experiences. Continental has a German profile on kununu, already with more than 2,000 reviews. You can also support our efforts there. See how… 



      LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network and helps people keep in touch with others on a professional level. Adding a business associate as a LinkedIn contact is the digital age’s version of exchanging business cards.

      That also means that people are presenting themselves with a professional profile rather than a private one. You may use your Continental e-mail address to sign up and of course you should mention your job title, as well as Continental being your employer. 

      Since future employees often visit LinkedIn profiles of people already working at Continental, we want to give you a short step-by-step-introduction on how to create and manage your professional LinkedIn profile to become an inspiration to those interested in working with you.

      We have prepared a handy template for you to use for your professional LinkedIn profile header, you can download it here

      Optionally you can add a headline and summary to your profile. In this case please add the line “Views expressed here are my own.” to make sure that nobody takes your thoughts as official Continental statements.

      If you want to stay in control over your data on LinkedIn we recommend to check your settings on the network. Watch this 7-minute video and follow the steps and you will have your settings reviewed according to your personal preferences when it comes to data protection and safety. 

      One addition to the “orgchart” function on LinkedIn: This tool provides more connectivity and dynamism to your LinkedIn feed. When you add colleagues and managers, their contributions, likes, comments and any other activities, the algorithm push these further up, to the top of your feed. This information does not show up in your profile. The LinkedIn app is allowed on smartphones provided by Continental, but users must deactivate the contact data upload option in the apps’ settings. Find some simple instructions how to do it here

      Continental is sharing one international profile on LinkedIn. All business areas as well as 15 countries use the profile for updates targeted to specific followers.


      Sina Weibo

      Sina Weibo is a Chinese micro-blogging service similar to Twitter. 

      In China the website is a symbol of the country’s new era of freedom, even though there is professional curacy in all the content.  

      You can find Continental’s profile here



      Snapchat is an image-based message app – in which users can share videos and images, add text or drawings (to the image) and select the time the post will be available on their friends’ screens.  

      One of the biggest hits on Snapchat is its fun variety of image filters, a feature that helped make the app famous worldwide.  

      But be careful, because Snapchat is not allowed on smartphones provided by Continental, to comply with legal requirements. So keep it personal and choose wisely when you use it.

      Continental is not using Snapchat for professional communication. 

      Stack Overflow

      Stack Overflow is a Q and A platform – focusing on computer programming. It’s a very popular service for developers.

      The website serves as a platform for people to ask questions and have peers answer them. Besides that, they can rate questions and answers in a similar way to Wiki or Digg.  

      Stack Overflow users can also get reputation points and medals. For example, one can get 10 points for a vote on a question, or receive medals for the quality of contributions. 

      All questions go through a moderator so they can filter out bad quality content.  

      We strongly remind you not to share code snippets or anything that could reveal internal or even confidential information. 

      Continental sometimes has a temporary profile on Stackoverflow, if we sponsor jobs on the platform. 

      Also if you exchange on the job with others on Stackoverflow never share confidential information or code. You can give expert advice though. See the examples to understand the difference. Find our more about things to consider about confidentiality here.


      Also known as Douyin, it’s a media app to create and share short videos and remixed audio. It’s a huge video sharing platform in Asia, the U.S. and other parts of the world – especially after gaining traction with the creative community on 

      It’s a fun tool to create videos of yourself with background music that can be sped up, slowed down or edited with filters.  

      The “duet” function allows people to record a video of another video – which is mainly used to record reactions to other videos.  

      Continental is not using TikTok for professional communication.


      Twitter is a micro-blog that allows users to send and receive personal short updates to/from other contacts. It is mainly used for opinion sharing and breaking news. It does not require you to disclose any personal details except your email address. As with all social networks you should however, be careful with what you post. The more personal the information you share, the easier it is for companies or other interested parties to compile a profile of your interests, political views, faith, habits etc., particularly when you opt to make use of features like location sharing. 

      Since re-tweeting is very simple, a particular tweet you might have posted in the spur of a moment, can spread rapidly and reach a large audience within a very short period of time. Thankfully it is possible to delete a tweet you posted already – your tweet and all re-tweets will then disappear from all timelines.


      Also known as VK, it’s a Russian equivalent to Facebook.  

      The “Opinions” tool allows users to comment on a friend, even anonymously - if they prefer. 

      The “Offers” tool allows users to announce something to one or more people.  

      You can find Continental Russia on VKontakte as well. 



      WeChat is a multiplatform service developed in China.  

      It works as an Instant Messenger, Method of Payment, Video Phone App, Personal ID for making appointments, Food ordering service, Gaming platform and more.  

      Continental’s profiles on the platform work like little websites using various functionalities the app has to offer.

      Since WeChat is only available on smartphones you can use the following QR-Code to get to the two main ones: 


      YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world and belongs to Google. 

      It also serves as the second largest search tool in the world.  

      Continental only uploads each of its video once, on one of its official profiles and sorts videos into playlists for a better overview (e. g. country playlists).


      More information coming soon.