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      Telling the World About Continental

      How You Can Help Strengthen our Employer Brand

      Putting out a good word about Continental, on conversations or on social media can be really helpful when it comes to attracting new colleagues. And, like so often, a good reputation is everything!

      You can help us raise awareness about Continental as an employer in general and point potential candidates in the direction of the many exciting career opportunities we have to offer.

      Sounds good? Here is what you can do!

      Brand Your Workplace

      We tried to sort the measures based on the required effort from very low to rather high.

      So, the easiest thing you can do: Brand your workplace!

      Follow our Profiles

      We manage Social Media profiles across the world on various social networks. The information we put out is created for an external audience, but we love your support on the profiles. Be it that you follow our updates, leave one or the other reaction or even comment and share what you like. Find a list of all our profiles sorted by country here. There you will also find a bit more information on what we do on the different networks.

      Share our Open Positions

      All current Continental career opportunities are listed in our job portal.

      Feel free to share links to the portal or to specific positions with your contacts on social media or in any way you want.

      Share Information About Your Continental Life

      If you want to let people know about your life at work you can mention us in most social networks - just tag @Continental or use Continental Hashtags. Your local Employer Branding team could also take a look at it upfront and repost if you wish. 

      On LinkedIn for example you just start typing @Continental and choose the official profile. Regarding our Continental hashtags we have a list of suggestions available below. 

      Please check our Social Code before publishing on Social Media. 

      Please find some examples of topics you could post about here.


      Use Continental Hashtags

      The reasons for using hashtags or not primarily depend on the specific social networks. For example, whenever you use Twitter and Instagram they can be used to explore content you are interested in - it’s a bit like running a search. Therefore by using hashtags in your posts you increase the chances of reaching people that are not your followers, yet.

      On LinkedIn you should not use more than 3 hashtags on a single post. Facebook is screening the content of your post anyhow, so hashtags are not really necessary to be found. On Instagram it is common to use multiple hashtags.

      4 Basic Rules on Hashtags

      Any hashtag including Continental is allowed, but here are some great suggestions to get you started:







      #ContisinMotion (this was the winning hashtag of an Instagram challenge aroud sporty colleagues)





      You can also use hashtags from the industry/ topic you work on, e. g.:











      Additionally, workplace hashtags like these are very popular:








      Nowadays events/ days also provide the opportunity for relevant hashtags. Feel free to follow these or other hashtags on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

      Use our Branded Instagram Stickers

      If you are active on Instagram you should definitely check out our branded stickers. They are perfect for making a statement about where you work and what you do. Simply click on the gif button in your story and search for “Continental”. Then all of them will appear. 

      Wear Continental Swag

      Continental would like to make more people aware of our brand.

      We are handing out branded clothes on various occasions, e. g. fairs.

      If you want to wear some Continental clothes or bags in your free time and you did not receive any yet, either ask your supervisor or buy them privately via the following links.


      Continental Webshop - Pieper Werbemittel 

      Here you can find swags and merchandise from CorporateHR and many other DivisionsBUs and Projects.

      Continental Promotion Shop - Global Brand Concept

      Here you can find swags and merchandise from Tires.

      Write an Employer Review

      Continuous dialog with all of you is a core element of our feedback culture. Regular surveys such as OUR BASICS Live are an important part of this dialog. But you can also rate us as an employer on external review portals, the biggest of which is Glassdoor. These evaluations are 100% anonymous (as can be seen from the data protection regulations of the portals), but are visible to everyone.

      For potential colleagues the reviews of Continental are a big help to find a proof if what we publish officially is lived on a daily basis, for HR they are a useful addition to our surveys and feedback from departments.


      If you like to tell the world about your job and Continental as an employer by writing a review: Services like Glassdoorkununufairygodboss or Indeed are popular places for candidates to check out potential employers.

      Become a Corporate Volunteer

      You want to give back to the community you live or work in? Get involved as a Corporate volunteer! Whether you are going to refurbish the children’s playground nearby your office as a team building activity or whether you apply your professional skills, such as coding, to support a new app development of a local non-profit organization – the options are manifold and depend upon your local possibilities and, of course, your personal interests. 

      Looking for a certain target group or topic to support in order to make a sustainable impact and to make Continental a better “corporate citizen”? Some countries already have local regulations regarding corporate volunteering during working hours while others work on a case-by-case decision basis. Consult your local HR representative for more information in this regard.

      For more information and support, feel free to contact the respective responsible person for your business area or region regarding sustainability, CSR, HR or social responsibility. 

      We look forward to seeing you there! 

      Write an Article for our Employee Blog

      Have your say: Our blog People@Continental is always open for entries written by members of the Continental family. Let us know what you would like to write about through this form and we will save a spot for you! 

      You are interested in creating your own blog article, but don’t know how it works? We are going to tell you how easy it is in a few simple steps here.

      Apply for an Instagram Takeover

      Our international Instagram profile  @continental_career gives everybody interested in working at Continental daily insights into what it is like to work for us.

      We organize takeovers from locations all over the world on a regular basis. Some colleagues share a typical day of their work life, others report from an internal or external event to offer a glimpse behind the scenes.

      Are you interested in taking over the account as well? Contact us directly through our Instagram profile via direct message.