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      Continental Presents the Vehicle Interior of the Future with its SPACE D Design Concept

      • SPACE D turns change in usage resulting from electric mobility and autonomous driving into an emotionally appealing experience
      • Living room and vehicle interior merge into a mobile oasis
      • SPACE D concept shines a spotlight on sustainability, design and functionality

      Continental is presenting SPACE D, an innovative design concept for vehicle interiors that foretells a future where mobility is shaped by electric power and autonomous driving. In so doing, the company has bridged the gap between living room and automotive interior while placing the focus firmly on comfort and wellbeing.

      SPACE D represents a mobile oasis where visitors can discover the future of interior design, based on the three dimensions of perceptible sustainability, a sensually engaging design aesthetic and tangible functionality. The exhibit is marked by an open frame defining a space that showcases future interior innovations. Its sustainability concept shines through in many different facets. Materials such as Benova Eco Protect – which was recently given the PETA-Approved Vegan label for vegan products – and Acella - Sustainable Product Design, with its bio-based and recycled components, serve to underline the sustainable and design-led focus. Functionality is enhanced by the translucent Xpreshn Hylite Concept, which uses light to open up a wealth of styling and functional possibilities.

      SPACE D bridges the gap between living environment and vehicle, incorporating a lounge area and intuitive control panels. Innovative technologies such as heatable, staynu and laif make surfaces a functional system rather than just a cover. The synergy of sustainability, attractive design and innovative surface technologies takes comfort and the driving experience into a new dimension. In short, it shows how sustainability can be made visible and tangible on both a design and functional level.

      SPACE D represents a mobile oasis where visitors to the IAA Mobility show can experience the future of interior design.

      Experience the Interior of the Future – with SPACE D!

      On the way from vehicle interior to living space

      The transformation brings with it disruptive changes, including for vehicle interiors. We hinted at it in AMBIENC3. Now, in view of the requirements that autonomous driving entails, its use is changing fundamentally. The functional aspect of driving is eliminated and other functions take its place. While the vehicle is in motion automatically, the vehicle interior becomes a living space, even a feel-good space. In short: the living room is moving in.

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