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      Mobilitätsstudie 2020 | China

      China Could Provide a Boost for Electric Mobility

      Continental Mobility Study 2020

      On several levels, the development of electric mobility is a chicken-and-egg problem.

      In terms of infrastructure, for example, the question arises as to whether this should be expanded – although it is not needed to this extent at present – in order to convince people of the technology, or whether it should be adapted as the number of vehicle registrations increases.

      As for the range of models available, manufacturers have long stated that they have not expanded their product range because of insufficient demand, while buyers have reported that the choice of models is too small.

      While many manufacturers have recently expanded their product range significantly, a sustainable push for electric mobility could come from China. This is because:

      • As an “automotive growth market,” China has been a central sales market for automotive manufacturers from all over the world for years.
      • The results of the Mobility Study 2020 show that in no other country has the importance of private transportation increased more significantly than in China, with 46 percent of those surveyed saying they use their cars more often than before. In Germany, this figure is half as high at 23 percent.


      • The mobility adjustment in China is likely to continue, with almost 60 percent of respondents saying they have bought a car or are considering buying one.
      • In China, 86 percent of respondents can imagine buying an electric car – more than in any other country.

      Download the brochure "(Electric) Mobility During the COVID-19 Pandemic" - pdf (633KB) as part of the Mobility Study 2020.

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