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      Social networks have become an integral part of many people’s lives: Using Facebook and WhatsApp to stay in touch with your family, following your favourite celebrities on Twitter and Instagram or entertaining yourself on your daily commute by watching and commenting on YouTube videos. 

      For brands like Continental, social media channels are a fantastic way to connect with people on a personal and emotional level. They allow us to share news about our products, talk about our brand, give tips to customers or just offer them a friendly daily reminder that we exist and that we do amazing things. And they are places to make first contact with our culture, as well as see where professional opportunities we offer lay.  

      The following pages should support your responsible use of social media and help you avoid some common mistakes along the way. 

      As a member of the Continental family and a user of social media, you represent our brand, even if you do not intend to, or are unaware of it. 

      The same principles that are observed in daily offline communication also apply to the use of social media. These tips therefore serve only to extend your existing knowledge of the jungle that is social media – and to navigate that jungle successfully!