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      Enjoying a start-up feeling

      My job is done when travel time is quality time.

      Name: Frank Edling

      Field of Study: Electrical Engineering with specialization on Mechatronics and Controls (Germany)

      Current Position: Head of Feature Cluster Chauffeur Functions

      Start at Continental: 1999 as a Development Engineer (Software) in Core Development Electronic Brake Systems​​​​​​​

      The Driver Assistance Systems business unit is currently working on making automated driving a reality – and Frank and his colleagues are very happy and proud to be involved. In four to five years he'll be on the road and know the finest details about some of the cars around him, because there will be software in them that he developed.

      Frank hopes that, at some point, people won't have to buy a car anymore. Instead, they can just call one and be driven to their destination. An avid snowboarder, when Frank heads home from the slopes he spends six hours on the road, just driving straight ahead. What if someone else could do that for him?

      His job works like that of a classic start-up company. Together with his colleagues, he operates with agility on driving functions like automated lane change or collision avoidance. Frank and his team can work very flexibly and innovatively – and finally implement the results in software for series cars.

      Frank loves to learn – and does so every day in his job. He loves to think about tomorrow's technology with smart people around. The great thing for him about his projects is that he is working on something completely new: he is directly involved with the future of autonomous driving.

      Frank is looking for people who have a passion for high-tech solutions, can program, love software development and an urge to get something on the road.

      Does that sound like exactly the right job for you? If so, the video will give you more insights into Frank’s work. You can also take a look at the Continental Job Portal for open positions in Automated Driving.