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      A complex challenge

      My job is done when we trust our cars blindly.

      Name: Olga Tessier

      Field of Study: Mechatronics with specialization on Vehicle Mechatronics and Construction (Germany)

      Current Position: Test and Validation Lead Engineer, Automated Driving

      Start at Continental: Internship in 2013 in the Integrated Safety Systems team, 2014 as an Development and Test Engineer

      For Olga, automated driving is currently the most exciting topic in the automotive industry. She is very enthusiastic about the idea of making driving safer and more comfortable.

      Continental is developing a highway pilot program together with a major German automobile manufacturer to enable cars to completely take over the task of driving. Olga anticipates a day in the future when this will become possible. It still seems quite far away at this moment, but Olga knows she and her team can make it happen – and she’ll be happy to have contributed.

      Olga also notices the complexity of this work. She takes care of organizational matters, from virtual tests and simulations to the final test in the vehicle. Therefore, her typical day is full of meetings. She has to exchange with many people and react flexibly to sudden changes while always keeping an eye on the big picture.

      If you are interested in the future of driving, Olga advises you to join Continental because we are helping to shape the future of mobility.                                       

      Check out the video for more insight into Olga’s everyday work. You can also take a look at the Continental Job Portal for open positions dealing with automated driving.