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      Having a global impact

      My job is done when the world has forgotten how to change a tire.

      Name: Sherry-Ann Tim Kee

      Fields of Study: PhD in Chemical Engineering on the topic of photocatalysis for carbon dioxide conversion (USA)

      Current Position: Material Developer

      Start at Continental: 2016 as a eXplore Tires Trainee in Research and Development​​​​​​​ 

      Sherry-Ann joined Continental from an academic background to work as a material developer for two products: ContiSeal and ContiSilent. Together with her colleagues, she deals with the less conventional side of tires. Her team develops the inside material that protects them from punctures.

      She enjoys working with her colleagues and believes that Continental offers an inclusive working environment. She says that no matter where you are from, there are opportunities for everyone at the company.

      Sherry-Ann is excited the technology she helps develop can have a global impact. This is especially important to her because she is from Trinidad, a developing country, and her work ensures she remains connected to her family back home. “One day, my mother and family could buy a ContiSeal tire and proudly say that their daughter worked on this,” she says.  

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