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      Envisioning smart cities

      My job is done when Singapore is as smart as its citizens.

      Name: Saptarshi Saradindubasu

      Fields of Study:  Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Engineering & Technology Jalgaon, India

      Current Position: Interior Systems and Technology Director

      Start at Continental: 2007 as a key account manager​​​​​​​

      Saptarshi is an Interior Systems and Technology Director at Continental, based in Singapore. He oversees the innovation and strategy for platform development, system integration and smart city solutions.

      Concurrently to this, Saptarshi is responsible for activities related to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), which is closely associated with the Singapore government’s “Smart Nation Program.” He previously worked in several positions at Continental India.

      Saptarshi is excited about how smart city technology will evolve in the coming years. He envisions that future transport will be tailored towards individuals, perhaps even identifying when someone leaves their house and being ready for them by the time they arrive at a public stop.

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