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      Putting the vision into the car

      My job is done when cars have learned to care.

      Name: You Shing Ngim

      Field of Study:  Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

      Current Position: Head of Product Development Center – Camera Products

      Start at Continental: 2006 as a Software Engineer (Singapore)

      You Shing Ngim has been at Continental since 2006. He oversees the development of platforms and applications for interior camera products in our company’s Product Development Center in Singapore. Prior to Continental, he gained several years of valuable experience working in the consumer electronics industry.

      After a two-year delegation in Continental China, where he supported the ramp up of a new Research and Development location, You Shing returned to Singapore in 2015. He established a team there and has been leading the development of interior camera products since then. “We put cameras inside the car; we put the vision inside of the car,” he says.

      The products will help improve drivers’ driving behavior and will support the automated driving environment in the future by detecting if the driver is capable to take over driving or not. Witnessing the birth of a product and seeing it turning market-ready is a real motivation for You Shing and his team.

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