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      Developing ideas for tomorrow

      My job is done when form follows vision.

      Name: Rajeesh Mohandas

      Fields of Study: Master of Industrial Design

      Current Position: Senior Designer

      Start at Continental: 2013 as a Designer in Interior Electronics Solutions (India)

      Rajeesh is a Senior Designer in the Interior System and Technology function at Continental. He works on future concepts relating to transportation. He is fascinated about cars and transportation and, as a Senior Designer, believes that he has a responsibility to think about the future.

      He describes the design process as a “super journey” that starts as an idea in the mind before it becomes reality. “It’s not easy to think something new; you need the environment and fantastic people around you to think about the fresh ideas for tomorrow.”

      He believes that the future of mobility will be data-based and involve connectivity. Working at Continental, he says: “There’s a lot of opportunities to make your thoughts and ideas a reality. That’s really possible.”

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