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      Making complexity simple

      My job is done when products find their routes on their own.

      Name: Mara Siewert

      Field of Study: Bachelor in Logistics Management and Master in Supply Chain Management (Germany)

      Current Position: Supply Chain Management Specialist

      Start at Continental: Internship in 2013 in the logistics development team (Budapest, Hungary)

      For Mara, her job is wonderfully challenging. Tasks that seem simple at first glance can often turn out to be extremely complicated. She and her team find solutions to these complexities and replace them with simpler ideas – a process she thoroughly enjoys.

      She is currently working on technology scouting and testing in the area of material flow logistics. The focus there is on process improvement and process modernization with a particular focus on incoming goods and shipping.

      In her daily work, Mara’s main role is to digitize and optimize processes together with her team. Her vision for the future is that the work of humans and machines become naturally intertwined to the extent that daily work routines become far easier to manage.

      Are you interested in this kind of job? Then watch the video to learn more about Mara’s work. You can also take a look at the Continental Job Portal for open positions in Supply Chain Management.