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      EICMA 2023

      Pioneering Motorcycle Excellence. For a Century. And Beyond.

      Continental has been an innovation leader in the motorcycle industry for over 100 years. Our tradition of excellence and commitment to future technologies are deeply rooted. We offer seamless technology integration, reliability and customized solutions for our partners to strengthen brand identities and create a unique driving experience. Welcome to Continental, where excellence is a tradition and the future has already begun.

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      Press contact for Automotive topics

      Valerie Libercka

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Smart Mobility

      Continental Automotive

      Debjani Roy

      Head of Marketing and Communications

      Continental Engineering Services

      Press contact for Tires topics

      Melina Kostmann

      Communication Manager Motorcycle Tires

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      Continental Tires

      Our Product Highlights

      Maximum flexibility with the MultiViu Sports display technology platform

      For nearly a century, VDO has stood at the forefront of technological innovation in display instruments. Continental is carrying this tradition forward with the MultiViu Sports display technology platform – a high-performance instrument cluster tailored for motorcycles, designed to offer maximum flexibility. It employs automotive-grade technology with optical bonding for crystal-clear visuals.

      Continental provides a fully customizable software and hardware technology platform that empowers motorcycle manufacturers to precisely tailor the MultiViu Sports displays to their individual preferences – including varying display sizes, aspect ratios, and design and styling languages. Through distinctive solutions brand identities are elevated by offering a unique visual presence that sets customers apart.

      The display platform seamlessly integrates customizable solutions, making advanced automotive display technology cost-effective for motorcycles, even in small production runs. It also accelerates time-to-market for manufacturers, expediting display production.

      Connected Infotainment Box (CIB): Smart mobility for motorcycles

      The Connected Infotainment Box enables connectivity between the motorcycle and the internet without an active smartphone connection. This way, the use of digital services such as navigation and theft tracking does not affect battery life or data volume. The platform offers features such as rider-to-rider communication, over-the-air updates, and the ability to offer optional services such as stolen vehicle tracking.

      With the CIB, motorcycles are 'always on', which noticeably increases both safety and riding comfort, granting Original Equipment Manufacturers with autonomy from smartphones and third-party providers. The CIB also ensures full control over services and data.

      Seamless shifting with Continental’s advanced Twin Motor Control unit (TMC)

      Automation is rapidly advancing within the realm of motorcycles, with the aim of enhancing vehicle operation for greater safety and comfort. Limited spatial constraints to accommodate control units, sensors, and actuators in motorcycles have been a challenge, though. Continental has addressed this issue with the creation of the compact Twin Motor Control unit (TMC) with dimensions of only 120mm x 50mm x 105mm, which allows for extremely flexible installation.

      The control unit for two-wheeled transmission automation streamlines the starting and shifting processes of a motorcycle, resulting in seamless downshifting, torque adjustment, and gear skipping. Its foundation lies in a systematic approach – an adaptable printed circuit board that can be mounted in various configurations tailored to the customer's specifications. As a result, the product's functionality can be customized with minimal additional effort. Even as automation advances, motorcyclists retain full control over their rides.

      Safety on two wheels with Continental’s Electronic Brake Systems for Motorcycles

      For 20 years, Continental has been dedicated to active safety and dynamic mobility of motorcycles through the development of electronic brake systems for motorcycles. These systems are built on proven passenger car ABS technology and cater to scooters and motorcycles of all classes. The Motorcycle Anti-lock Brake System (MAB) offers improved braking control and thus greater driving safety thanks to optimum braking.

      With the MK 100 MAB PYA, Continental pioneers a new era of its compact two-channel ABS, optionally integrating a new type of inertial sensor directly on the circuit board of the ABS. Thanks to this high integration, a separate motorcycle inertial measurement unit is no longer required. The sensor technology for functions such as optimized Curve Braking (oCB) is seamlessly incorporated in the system.

      At the booth, visitors can experience functions like the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Motorcycle Hold & Go (MHG) and optimized Curve Braking (oCB) showcased on screen.

      Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) – The next step for motorcycle safety

      With decades of experience in the development of safety technologies for motorcycles, Continental is playing a pioneering role in the emerging ARAS market. The technology company combines its knowhow from the passenger car market with the expertise and feedback of passionate motorcyclists, to bring riding safety and comfort not only to owners of high-end motorbikes, but also to novice riders, commuters and low-mileage riders, who need ARAS the most. The goal is to make ARAS accessible for every motorcycle rider.

      ARAS functions like Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Lane Change Assist (LCA) and Rear-end Collision Warning (RCW) will be the next significant step to reduce motorcycle fatalities. Even though Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is widely considered a comfort function, it helps riders to stay attentive during monotonous riding tasks to make the most of their riding experience. Furthermore, ACC enhances safety by supporting the rider in maintaining a safe distance from the traffic ahead.

      Riding enthusiasts can now experience the thrill of riding, while staying safe on the road. Check the ARAS Movie to see for yourself.

      Continental offers high-quality performance tires for over 100 years

      For over a century, Continental motorcycle tires stand for highest quality and state-of-the-art technology, reflected in a broad product portfolio for a wide range of applications.

      At this year’s booth, Continental presents a fine selection from different motorcycle segments: The hyper-touring tire, ContiRoadAttack 4, is the right choice for sport touring bikes. The tire equips riders with excellent grip on wet and dry roads, high mileage, and agile handling.

      The ContiSportAttack 4 comes standard on the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT. This sport tire advances riders’ experience through maximum grip, performance and GripLimitFeedback technology to boost confidence in corners. The portfolio is completed by the enduro tire, the TKC 70 Rocks, which offers riders more traction off-road combined with the excellent on-road performance of a TKC 70.