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      Dr. Elmar Degenhart

      Electric Cars Are Not Enough: Combining Drive Technologies to Mitigate Climate Change

      At the ‘Automobilwoche Kongress’ 2017 Continental’s CEO Dr. Elmar Degenhart called for an open discussion about the technology required to reduce road-traffic CO2 emissions.

      “Electric mobility is only part of the solution. To mitigate climate change effectively, we need a combination of drive systems consisting of clean diesel and gasoline engines, climate-neutral synthetic fuels and fuel cells.”

      At the same time, Degenhart also highlighted how important it is for the industry and governments to work together: “Technology regulations are counterproductive. It is more the job of the industry to invest in the technologies that enable us to comply with emission regulations. It therefore makes more sense for governments to promote research and development of the necessary innovations and set out a reliable long-term framework for doing so.”

      We are all responsible for our environment. After all, the decisions we make today will determine how we and our children live in the future. Let’s set ourselves this challenge, here and all together.

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