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      Welcome to Corporate Purchasing

      Continental is constantly searching not only for new potential clients, but also for new potential suppliers and business partners. 

      Within Continental a big range of purchasing activities are centralized and executed by the Corporate Purchasing department. We are divided into Production Material and Non-Production Material, with teams working in different countries all over the world. 

      Our Vision

      Our vision is to fuel Continental's success through purchasing performance.

      Our Mission

      Our mission is to provide market expertise and sustainable purchasing solutions to source goods and services competitively for all of Continental. 

      Our customers value us, because we create value.

      Our Behavior

      Continental is committed to honesty and integrity with respect to our entire business conduct towards employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and other stakeholders.  

      We expect all our suppliers and business partners to adhere to the same level of commitment we implement internally. 

      The Sustainability Management function within Corporate Purchasing ensures, that we work together in creating a better and more sustainable world for future generations. This function works close together with our Corporate Sustainability department.

      We as Purchasing trust that compliance is a key factor of satisfying requirements and expectations of our suppliers. We request our suppliers who are aware of illegal and dubious business activities involving Continental and its employees to use our Integrity Hotline. To disregard and ignore such behaviour is not acceptable.

      Raw Materials

      • Rubber Accelerators
      • Activators
      • Rubber Antidegrandants
      • Waxes
      • Bonding agents
      • Peptizers
      • Softeners
      • Resins
      • Retarders
      • Vulcanizing
      • Miscellaneous chemicals
      • White fillers
      • Carbon blacks
      • Silica
      • Natural rubber
      • Tire elastomers
      • Latex
      • Plastics
      • Techn. elastomers
      • Thermoplastics
      • Viscose/ Rayon
      • Polyamid 6 / 4.6 / 6.6
      • Polyester Regular
      • Polyester HMLS
      • Metal

      Non Production Materials

      Transportation & Warehouse Services
      • Air Freight
      • Sea Freight
      • Road Freight
      • Parcel Freight
      • Customs Service
      • Warehouse Services
      • Inbound Supply Chain
      Corporate Services
      • FM Services
      • HR Services
      • Marketing Services
      • Consulting Services
      • Legal Services
      • Travel & Mobility Services

      IT Infrastructure

      1. Hardware
      2. Network
      3. Communication
      4. Datacenter & Operations
      5. Cloud Services

      IT Applications & Services

      1. Software
      2. Maintenance
      3. Services
      Auxiliaries & Supplies
      • MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations)
      • Energy
      Corporate Investments
      • Civil Works
      • Utilities
      • Forklift & Warehouse Equipment
      • Production Equipment Contitech
      • Production Equipment+ Robotics Contitech
      Production Equipment & Engineering Services


      Purchasing Invest Tires