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      Willingness to innovate

      My job is done when our vision is present ​​​​​​​on every street.

      Name: Oliver Fochler

      Fields of Study: PhD in Physics with specialization in theoretical high-energy nuclear physics and numeric simulations (Germany)

      Current Position: System Lead Engineer

      Start at Continental: 2013 as a project engineer in automated driving​​​​​​​

      Oliver's job as System Lead Engineer at Continental is to bring automated driving onto the road. After five years in pre-development, he is now motivated by the goal of finally experiencing the highway pilot in daily road traffic. "There will be a product on the market that will help prevent thousands of accidents worldwide,” he says.

      For Oliver, working on the future of mobility the sign of Continental's willingness to innovate and change, which can be seen in its 150-year history. During this time, the company has repeatedly adapted to new circumstances – and has done so very successfully. Automated driving is just one of the current challenges. Continental offers its employees an environment that enables them to help shape the future.

      Oliver is motivated by the fact that Continental offers him the opportunity to work on a topic like automated driving and to help shape how it will look in a few years' time. "We are creating something new here that will soon become reality. I want to then be able to buy a car that drives alone on the highway," he says.

      Does that sound like an exciting challenge? If so, the video will give you more insights into Oliver’s work. You can also take a look at the Continental Job Portal for open positions in the area of automated driving.