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      February 14, 2024

      Unveiling the Mind of a Software Project Leader: A Journey Through Innovation and Precision

      Hello! My name is Ciobănică Alexandru, and I'm a Software Project Leader in Safety and Motion BA SAM at Continental Sibiu.

      My journey in Continental Sibiu started 9 years ago, after the graduation of the University, and I can say that this journey has been so far full of achievements. I started with an internship period in the development program called Engineering Trainee Program (ETP), then I worked as Software Validation Engineer, and for 5 years I took over the position of Software Project Leader.

      I am currently in charge of coordinating, monitoring, and reporting the testing activities of a complex project to develop the Software for an Electronic Brake System for an important German client, as well as installing and maintaining the necessary test equipment: test benches and simulators (HILs).

      The software area has always seemed very attractive and very challenging, and in Continental, I managed to perfectly combine the programming notions acquired in high school with those of microcontrollers, electronics and power electronics acquired in college to be able to develop and automate specific tests for the software developed by the project team.

      The experience gained on the testing side and the desire to progress on the professional ladder determined me to try the management part of the activities for a new project that was one of the important fully developed in Continental Sibiu. Its launch into production in July 2021 and a new version in July 2022 was a success and was the result of thousands of hours of the project team being "on the barricades" to achieve our goal.

      The very dynamic work environment is one of the things I like the most and that have motivated me over the years, because there are no days when something new does not appear, something that gives me food for thought and for which I find the best and most optimal solution from which I and my colleagues can only benefit.

      ContinentalxSoftware – a perfectly balanced bundle like a good video game, where it requires context and an exciting story – Continental, as well as quality gameplay.

      Innovative and suspenseful gameplay – The Software.

      Ciobănică Alexandru

      Software Project Leader