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      September 27, 2023

      Workation in Norway

      Last year, my wife and I traveled 6,000 kilometers through Norway in a motorhome. We were fascinated by the country's nature and decided to return for a longer period. In April, we rented an apartment in Tromsø and worked from there—my wife on her doctoral thesis and myself on software development for Autonomous Mobility at Continental. Besides working on future-oriented autonomous driving systems, I enjoy Continental’s modern work conditions which pave the way for collaborative ideas. As our team is spread across Germany, with some members even working from abroad, it was hardly noticeable that I joined in from Norway.

      Tromsø, the northernmost city, provided us with a new way to explore Norway. As passionate hikers and climbers, we wholeheartedly embraced nature during our free time, venturing into the awe-inspiring wilderness. Alongside our work, we had remarkable experiences. We witnessed the ethereal northern lights from the top of Storsteinen mountain and attended the exhilarating ski mountaineering world cup. In search of local experiences, we enjoyed a beer tasting session at the northernmost brewery and embarked on a daring exploration of Kvaløya island during a snowstorm. And, of course, we treated ourselves to an unforgettable dog sledding ride, fully immersing ourselves in the magical Arctic wilderness. The seamless harmony between humans, animals, and the natural world was truly awe-inspiring.

      As our two-week "workation" came to an end, we extended our stay by dedicating an additional two weeks to fully immerse ourselves in Norway's wonders. The support and flexibility provided by Continental made this journey possible, and we are grateful for the opportunity.

      Maximilian Rieder

      Product Owner