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      What it’s like to be a military veteran at Continental

      My Experience as a Military Veteran at Continental

      Joe Wright had the same fears other veterans have when they transition from the armed forces to the civilian corporate world. Only it turns out that his Army experience created a perfect foundation for him to flourish at Continental.

      I was worried.

      Worried about how people would accept me once they learned I had been in the Army for 26 years.

      I served all around the world, from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. to Korea. I was section chief, operations sergeant, instructor, medical supply specialist, and command sergeant major. How would these positions translate in the corporate world?

      We do things very differently in the military. Or so I thought. What I learned when I joined Continental as a production supervisor at our plant in Seguin, Texas, was that the mechanics of the job were the same – the commodity was just different.

      I didn’t realize how much I could draw from my Army skillset until I got here. The same core values I learned in the military, particularly when it comes to leadership and teaching, has helped me carve out a career at Continental that I didn’t think was possible.

      Joe Wright