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      How Changing Roles Built My Confidence

      How Changing Roles Built My Confidence

      My name is Noor Abdal and I am a Business Controller in Body & Security in Troy. My background is in Accounting and I started my career as an auditor in a public accounting firm.  After getting married and having intentions to start a family, I knew that the public accounting life was not for me anymore, no matter how much I enjoyed it; I was faced with realigning some of my priorities.

      After giving it some thought and trying to decide what to do, a position at Continental was available. To be honest, I really struggled with making the move. In the Accounting world, public vs. industry accounting was a big change and my personality was not one to embrace change very well.  Ultimately, I decided to make the move and started as a financial reporting analyst in Auburn Hills.  I learned so much in this role and gained confidence that with an open mind and a willingness to learn, I can be successful at anything. I worked in the Central Finance group for five years doing various tasks, always in the accounting capacity.  During this time, my husband and I started our family and have two beautiful children, Julia & Michael.  I was a busy mom that’s for sure.  Throughout my tenure in the group, my superiors asked me if I was interested in experience in a business unit and getting more involved in the business/operations aspects of finance.  I always said no! I was comfortable where I was and didn’t want to deal with yet another change, especially one that could interrupt my work/life balance with two young children. And, at times, I doubted my own capabilities and questioned whether I would succeed in a role outside my comfort zone.

      The time came once again where an opportunity presented itself to move to my current role in business controlling. This time I felt a change in my attitude towards the new opportunity.  I debated some, however not as much as when I made my move from public accounting to Continental. I reflected on what caused my attitude to change and realized it was the increased confidence in my ability to learn something new.  I knew that with my strong work ethic and dedication, I could do anything. It seemed that with each opportunity to change roles, I developed the confidence in myself that I could do this and whatever I set my mind to. I would be able to manage.   I enjoyed the work I did in Central Finance, but I was beginning to crave for a different challenge and knowing my family was supportive of trying something new, something unknown, and would help me balance the juggle of work and life; I went for it.

      It’s been a year in business controlling and I absolutely love it! Seeing numbers from a different perspective has opened a new way of thinking for me that has been refreshing. In addition to learning about finance, I have learned a lot about myself. I’ve discovered that all the change has been good for me. No matter the doubts and discomforts at first, I have been able to leverage my network, manage my work and family life successfully, and feel fulfilled to be a working mom.

      My management at Continental has continued to support and encourage me to expand my horizons yet has been patient with my personal goals and circumstances at the same time. Without the diverse organization we have and the care we take for our employees, I don’t think I would be as happy or as successful in this company today.  Change is good & the sky is the limit!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Noor Abdal

      Business Controller