150 Years of Continental

Historical Anniversary Publication

From the beginning to the present. Our publication takes you on a journey through the history of Continental and provides insight into the company’s eventful past. Once a month we will provide you with a preview of our anniversary publication, which will be published in autumn of 2021.

About the book

A total of nine chapters provide a lively and exciting insight into 150 years of the company’s history. The structure does not follow the chronology of events strictly – instead, the development of the company is examined from different perspectives. As a result, readers are moving one step closer to the company and the people behind Continental – the ‘Continentals.’ The book’s informal and entertaining approach is aimed at Continental employees and the general public alike. It was written by Prof. Paul Erker, Professor at LMU Munich for Modern and Contemporary History with a focus on economic and corporate history, and Dr. Nils Fehlhaber, head of Continental’s Group Archive. It will be published in German and English in September 2021.