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      Modular driver’s workplace

      The modular driver’s workplace (mDWP) adapts exactly to the individual requirements of agricultural machines. Displays show the driver only the information he needs for his current task, enhancing the manageability, ergonomics, comfort and safety of his workplace – and for the manufacturer, the modular driver’s workplace represents a major step forward in terms of flexibility and individualization.


      • The vehicle manufacturer can easily program the modules individually to match customer requirements.
      • Drivers can be sure that they’re going to get all the information they need at exactly the right time – and this lets them focus on their driving and the task at hand. Pop-up alerts also warn drivers in exceptional situations, increasing efficiency, safety and job satisfaction.
      • And thanks to memory or PowerOn functions, switches can’t be accidentally moved to wrong positions.

      Technical data:

      • A combination of up to three displays, including two freely configurable control panels
      • A 12.3-inch TFT display, MultiViu Professional 12, forms the central unit and displays various combination instruments and information such as camera images

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