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      Continental CES Press Conference 2020
      Video: Press Conference at CES 2020
      During its press conference in Las Vegas, Continental demonstrated how it is shaping the future of mobility in a rapidly evolving industry. The technology company presented several highlights, including the announcement of its partnership with Sennheiser that brings 3D sound to cars.
      Speakerless Immersive Sound
      Continental and Sennheiser revolutionize vehicle audio.
      Continental at CES 2020
      Product highlights at a glance
      Continental's Holistic Human-Machine Interaction for Autonomous Vehicles
      The ultimate goal is to build trust between users and driverless vehicles.
      Added Value through Connectivity
      Satellite cameras from Continental improve safety and comfort.

      CES 2020

      Along the motto "Mobility is the Heartbeat of Life," Continental demonstrated how innovative mobility services, solutions and exciting product developments can help make people's lives comfortable, safe and energy efficient.