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      Press Release
      January 27, 2014

      Doing More for Clean Air

      • Continental introduces next generation digital linear actuator for the air path
      • New actuator GenVII DLA targets small engine applications
      • Large number of two-wheelers is the lever to achieve environmental benefits


      Shanghai, China, Jan. 27, 2014. Continental, a leading global automotive supplier, introduced a new generation of digital linear actuator for small engines. The newly developed GenVII DLA helps to improve the reliability and precision of the air flow control during engine idling at all conditions. To facilitate an apllication to popular small vehicles like motorbikes with 250cc or less, Continental has developed a more compact and lightweighted solution. It still offers the uncompromisingly reliable, precise, and robust operation that has made Continental a global supplier of choice for this type of product.

      “Increasing energy efficiency, and bringing down emissions are top development targets for any kind of vehicle with an internal combustion engine. This applies to two wheelers just as much as it applies to four wheelers”, said Mr. Shaohui Jiang, Director of the Continental Sensors & Acutuators Business Unit in China, “Continental has been developing many innovative products based on the vision of Clean Power”, Mr. Jiang continued. “In the field of idle air control Continental holds a worldwide leading position, based on more than 35 years of development and production experience. We now bring this expertise to the two wheeler market in order to support the vehicle manufacturers in their efforts to make two wheelers a greener drive.”

      Two wheelers benefit from digital control technology

      With the increasing attention which governments, official bodies, and citizens pay to air quality and with the release of stricter emission standards, two wheeler engines require a more precise air/fuel ratio control, which only Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) with an idle air control valve (IACV) can provide. Using an EFI engine instead of a carburetor engine is therefore an important step into the future of individual mobility on two wheels.

      The GenVII DLA is a small, lightweight, and robust product developed for harsh environments. It powers an IACV that makes it possible to adapt the intake air flow to the momentary engine condition. This is of particular relevance in a petrol engine as the level of engine-out emissions directly depends on the precision of the air/fuel ratio because this in turn impacts the quality of combustion.

      To maximize the freedom of application, the GenVII DLA can either be partially integrated into the mechanical throttle body via an external connector, or it can be fully integrated into the throttle body module with a connection to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). With this level of flexibility the GenVII DLA offers a solution to different customer designs.

      The base for DLA design and production in China is in Wuhu. This location already has a long track record in DLA technology: Within the last 12 years over 50 million DLAs have been manufactured at Wuhu. In addition to serving to customers in China, the Wuhu location also provides services to France, Germany, India, Middle East, Korea, and the U.S. markets.

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