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      October 13, 2014

      Continental at IZB 2014

      • World premiere: water-cooled turbocharger with aluminum housing
      • AutoLinQ Mobile: aftermarket solution for in-car Internet access
      • Electric parking brakes for enhanced comfort and safety
      • Fuel saving components from ContiTech
      • Report on the automotive market environment in the ASEAN countries

      Wolfsburg, October 2014. The international automotive supplier Continental is presenting part of its extensive product and system portfolio for global vehicle production at the 8th International Suppliers Fair (IZB) (hall 2, stand 2201) from October 14 to 16.

      "Whether you're interested in downsizing with our new turbocharger, enhancing comfort and safety with an electric parking brake for small cars, or looking for smart ways to integrate your smartphone, Continental will be showcasing at the IZB a small but trendsetting selection of products for our international manufacturing customers," explains Sven-Uwe Niemann, head of Continental's sales offices in Wolfsburg.

      World premiere: water-cooled turbocharger

      Continental will be celebrating a world premiere when it shows its new water-cooled turbocharger with an aluminum turbine housing. The Continental turbocharger is characterized by its optimized response behavior. Furthermore, its lightweight design supports the automotive industry in its efforts to meet highly ambitious consumption and emission targets. Each aluminum turbocharger is 1.2 kg – or around 30% – lighter than conventional turbochargers. In addition, the water cooling system for the aluminum housing offers two further benefits: first, a lot less effort is required to protect neighboring components from the heat, and second, cooling of the exhaust flow reduces the thermal load on the catalytic converter, meaning it hardly ages at all. However, it is not just the aluminum that makes the turbocharger special – it has also evolved from being a typical add-on component to an integral part of the engine.

      "Refining the turbocharger technology plays an important role in the enhancement of combustion engines," explains Niemann. Continental is also continuing its work on the step-by-step electrification of the powertrain, with the 48 V Eco Drive – which is scheduled to go into production in 2016 – forming a key element of the tailor-made electrification strategy. Thanks to greater performance and fuel-saving "engine off" features, this 48 V technology increases vehicle efficiency, thereby cutting consumption.

      AutoLinQ Mobile: smartphone integration specially designed for small vehicle classes

      AutoLinQ Mobile is a smartphone integration solution from Continental specially designed for small, affordable vehicle classes. Continental's AutoLinQ technology allows drivers to use Internet services easily and safely while on the road. An embedded AutoLinQ system went into production in China back in 2011, and now the automotive supplier is set to offer a smart aftermarket solution, starting in Brazil. "AutoLinQ Mobile is a smartphone docking station that fits in a standard-sized car radio compartment. The smartphone is connected to the docking station by means of a stable attachment," explains Niemann. With the "Enjoy Drive" app from Continental, the smartphone features a user interface that is specially designed to meet the driver's requirements and offers access to a wide variety of audio sources.

      The electric parking brake for all vehicle classes

      The automotive supplier is also developing safety systems that are used in all vehicle classes, e.g. electric parking brake systems. One solution is an electric parking brake for floating caliper disk brakes ("caliper-integrated"), whereby a floating caliper is combined with the components of an electric parking brake. "The parking brake is operated simply at the touch of a button, offers new design freedom in the vehicle interior, and enables a range of comfort and safety features," says Niemann, explaining the benefits of the electric parking brake.

      Fuel saving components from ContiTech

      ContiTech reports about three technologies that help to make vehicles more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. ContiTech has also developed a heatable hose-line module especially for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. This stops the urea solution from freezing at low temperatures. The heatable plastic lines produced by ContiTech are designed especially for SCR systems with back suction. Another innovation is a high-performance V-ribbed belt, which is used for starting, recuperating, and boosting for 48 V systems. A special coating ensures reliable grip, even in a moist environment. A new timing belt in oil replaces the chain drives, and allows a CO2 reduction of 1.5g/km compared with chain drives. In addition, there are no longer any perceptible noises. It is a double-sided timing belt, which means it is suitable for use in balance shaft drives.


      IZB: focus on ASEAN

      The International Automobile Congress takes place just before the IZB. With the spotlight on the challenges and opportunities facing a changing automotive industry in the ASEAN countries, Thomas Chambers, who is responsible for Continental's ASEAN business, will give a speech providing an overview of the current state of the automotive industry in Southeast Asia.

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