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      Press Release
      February 16, 2023

      German car magazine “Gute Fahrt”: SportContact 7 from Continental is “outstanding”

      • Summer tires from Continental "dominate the competition”
      • Only tire model in test with "outstanding" rating
      • SportContact 7 is best among the models in the test

      Hanover, February 2023. The series of tests for summer tires this year is led by the German car magazine "Gute Fahrt" (Good ride). In their current issue (3/23), the SportContact 7 takes first place with the rating “outstanding”. Seven tire models of size 235/35 R 19 from European, Asian and American manufacturers were tested, test vehicles were a Golf GTI and a Cupra Leon TSI. After a total of nine trials on dry and wet asphalt, the summer tire from Continental received the grade "outstanding" and "dominated the competition", as the editors write.

      The reason for the very good overall rating is the balance of the SportContact 7 at the highest level: The tire from the development department in Hanover came first in handling on dry and wet slopes, in wet and dry braking and in the aquaplaning test in cornering. This becomes obvious in the braking distances and the remaining speed of the second-placed model: while the car with Continental tires is already stopped when braking dry, the competitor rushes past it at a good 22 km/h; in the wet it still has 20 km/h on the speedometer. "There are not many tires that can excite an experienced tire tester," writes the test editor. “The Conti SportContact 7 is one of those. Its wet performance in particular is the measure of all things and opens up new dimensions.”

      The SportContact 7 is particularly suitable for more powerful, sporty vehicles with electric and conventional drives. It has been approved by various vehicle manufacturers and is available in sizes between 18 and 24 inches in diameter. Continental has planned 58 new items for this season in order to give even more drivers the opportunity to mount the test winner in the "Gute Fahrt".

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