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      Press Release
      July 31, 2023

      UltraContact NXT: Continental Starts Volume Production of its Most Sustainable Tire to Date

      • First sizes of the new UltraContact NXT available in stores soon
      • New premium tire has a share of up to 65 percent renewable, recycled and ISCC PLUS mass balance certified materials
      • All sizes with best EU tire label ratings in rolling resistance, wet braking and exterior noise

      Hanover, Germany, July 31, 2023. Continental has started production of the UltraContact NXT, its most sustainable series tire to date, at its plant in Lousado, Portugal. With up to 65 percent renewable, recycled and mass balance certified materials, the new summer tire combines a remarkably high share of sustainable materials with maximum safety and performance. At the same time, all dimensions carry the highest possible rating in the EU tire label ("A") in rolling resistance, wet braking and exterior noise.

      Rubber compound contains bio-based silica made from agricultural waste

      Renewable materials account for up to 32 percent of the UltraContact NXT. This includes resins based on residual materials from the paper and wood industries and silicate from the ash of rice husks. Rice husks are an agricultural waste product which may be processed into silica through a new, less energy consuming process. As in every tire, natural rubber is a key material of the UltraContact NXT. It remains indispensable as it ensures the highest tire performance properties because of its elevated level of strength and durability.

      "Contains recycled materials" logo underscores use of recycled materials

      The special logo “contains recycled materials” on the sidewall of the UltraContact NXT underlines the use of recycled materials in this tire line. The share of recycled material stands at up to five percent. It includes recycled rubber material, which comes from mechanically processed end-of-life tires. In addition, Continental is using recycled steel in the UltraContact NXT. The already presented innovative ContiRe.Tex technology has also been adopted for the UltraContact NXT. It generates high-performance polyester fibers used to reinforce the tire carcass through recycling PET bottles, which otherwise would have ended up in incinerators or landfills. With the ContiRe.Tex technology, Continental has developed a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative that allows it to recycle between nine and fifteen plastic bottles for each tire, depending on the tire size.

      Mass Balance Certified Materials: Synthetic Rubber and Industrial Carbon Black

      For the UltraContact NXT, Continental uses up to 28 percent ISCC PLUS mass balance certified materials. These are sustainable synthetic rubber and carbon black made from biobased, bio-circular and/or circular feedstock. The ISCC PLUS certification of the balance mechanism ensures transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain by tracking the origin and characteristics of raw materials, verifying compliance with sustainable criteria, and certifying the resulting products.

      Systematically moving towards greater sustainability

      Continental is working tirelessly to advance innovative technologies and sustainable products and services throughout its entire value chain, from sourcing sustainable materials to recycling end-of-life tires. By 2030 the premium tire manufacturer aims to have over 40 percent renewable and recycled content in its tires. Continental continues its drive towards 100 percent sustainable materials in all its tire products by 2050 the latest. The UltraContact NXT is an important step to fulfill these ambitious sustainability goals and to become the most progressive tire manufacturer, as laid out in its Vision 2030 strategy program.

      Available for various vehicle models of all drive types

      The UltraContact NXT is part of the successful UltraContact family launched by Continental in 2022. Continental will gradually introduce the UltraContact NXT in Europe. The first sizes will be available to tire dealers in Europe shortly.

      The UltraContact NXT was designed for both electric and combustion engines, offering the highest label efficiency and optimum mileage performance. Continentals most sustainable series tire to date therefore bears the EV Compatible logo and will be available for various popular vehicles like the Kia Niro, VW ID.3, Mercedes-Benz EQA, Tesla Model 3, Audi Q4 E-TRON, Skoda Octavia, VW Golf 8, Audi A3 and many more.

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