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      April 17, 2024

      Auto Bild: Continental Tire is "Green Tire of the Year" and "Eco Champion"

      • PremiumContact 7 wins two awards in the e-car test 
      • Auto Bild: “Exemplary commitment to a clean environment in compliance with all safety standards”
      • Results confirm Continental Tire's product strategy

      Hanover, Germany, April 17, 2024. Under the headline “Tires under power”, Auto Bild reports on its test of summer tires on electric cars (issue 24, 18.04.24). Among eight competitors, the PremiumContact 7 from Continental won the “Green Tire of the Year” and “Eco Champion” awards. The trade magazine thus recognized both the “exemplary” driving characteristics of the summer tire and the “commitment to a clean environment in compliance with all safety standards”. In addition, the PremiumContact 7 ensures great driving pleasure.

      The editorial team tested a total of eight summer tires in size 235/55 R 19, including two models specially developed for e-cars; the test vehicle was a Kia EV6. However, according to the editors, special e-car tires are not necessary. The good performance of normal tires in the test shows that the “economical use of energy, whether in the form of electrical energy from the battery or fossil fuels from the fuel tank” is an important prerequisite. However, safety standards should not be lowered in the process.

      In its summary, Auto Bild writes that the PremiumContact 7 is a tire with outstanding mileage and exemplary sustainability, the shortest wet and dry braking distances, precise dry handling, pleasantly quiet comfort, low tire wear and low power consumption. The results of the test confirm Continental's product strategy of not developing specific car tires for electric vehicles. All Continental tires meet the requirements of electric vehicles and at the same time are able to sustainably reduce the emissions of combustion vehicles.

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      In his role as product manager for summer tires, Philipp Mendelski helped lead development of the PremiumContact 7. He explains the special technical features of the new-generation tire in a short video. This video is available for editorial use.

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