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      Into the Electric Future of Mobility with Continental

      Eight things you might not know about electric mobility and Continental

      (Status: May 2023)

      Electric mobility is inspiring more and more people and experiencing a global breakthrough. And when it comes to electrification, Continental is in the fast lane. This applies to novel drive systems and beyond, with its product spectrum extending from innovative tires to high-performance computers and interactive displays for the connected cockpit to intelligent brake systems and a practical robot for charging at home. An overview of Continental’s e-portfolio:

      1. High-performance computers from Continental as the central nervous system
      2. Sustainable tires for electric mobility
      3. Sophisticated technologies extend range and battery life
      4. Like sitting in a living room – an innovative user experience for vehicle occupants
      5. A sustainable interior thanks to innovative surfaces
      6. Electric cars require innovative brake systems
      7. Automated driving functions for electric mobility
      8. Strong partnerships for electric mobility


      Continental driving e-mobility in numerous fields

      Continental is working continuously on the transition to emission-free mobility. Around 42,000 engineers in the Automotive, Tires and ContiTech group sectors worldwide are currently developing market-ready products, services and technologies that offer the ultimate user experience and comfort in electric cars offering greater range, safety and efficiency as well as connectivity, automation and interaction. An outstanding example of this is the Volkswagen ID. model family, which features more than a dozen components and systems from Continental – from software and central computer architecture to optimized tires and complex thermal management. Many other renowned manufacturers also purchase tailor-made products for their electric vehicle models from Continental. All 10 of the world’s highest-volume manufacturers of electric vehicles trust in Continental technology, including Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, BYD and Ford. This success is also reflected in Continental’s business figures: in 2022, it generated sales of €2.8 billion from mobility and industrial solutions for electric mobility. Together with numerous partners, Continental has also continuously expanded its e-portfolio with marketable innovations for climate-friendly mobility.

      Your questions, our answers

      How high are Continental’s sales in emission-free mobility and emission-free industries?

      In fiscal 2022, the technology company generated sales of around €2.8 billion in emission-free mobility and emission-free industries.

      Are you planning to invest in your own production of battery cells?

      No, there are no plans to invest in the production of battery cells.

      What sustainability roadmap is Continental pursuing?

      For our four sustainability focus areas, we are committed to visionary and strong ambitions, which we intend to achieve jointly with our partners throughout the value chain by 2050.

      Carbon neutrality: We are aiming for 100% carbon neutrality along our entire value chain (products, operational processes, supply chain).

      Emission-free mobility and industry*: We are aiming for 100% emission-free mobility and industry.

      Circular economy: We are aiming for 100% closed resource and product cycles.

      Responsible value chain: We are aiming for 100% responsible procurement and business partnerships.

      * “Emission-free” refers to zero emissions, for example of greenhouse gases or nitrogen oxides (NOx). It does not refer to harmless emissions such as steam, non-toxic, biodegradable particle emissions or minimal noise emissions.


      Ali Parvanta

      Spokesperson Innovation & Technology

      Continental AG