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      Future Living: Design, innovation and sustainability in a small space

      • Tiny House showcases full material expertise with various surfaces for indoors and outdoors
      • Unique showhouse presents innovative and sustainable materials inspired by nature with an "Indoor Garden" design concept


      Scarcity of resources, rising rents, land consolidation – against the backdrop of the current challenges surrounding housing, many people are asking themselves: What does the future of living look like? With the ContiHome, Continental provides a possible answer – using only its own materials on just 32 square meters living space.


      In Continental's “ContiHome”, functional surfaces meet sustainability and an appealing look. All the surface materials used come from Continental, are easy to clean and durable, and are full of innovations: With the "cool color" technology, surfaces heat up less, the breathability of the “laif” technology ensures maximum comfort, and long service life is guaranteed by the dirt-repellent “staynu” technology.

      Design plays a prominent role for Continental's surface experts – without sacrificing functionality and everyday usability. The earthy and green tones of the "Indoor Garden" design concept create a warm and cozy atmosphere and make the "sustainability" aspect not only visible but also tangible.

      On the Way to Sustainable Vehicle Interiors. Together.

      At Continental we strive for excellence in the development of sustainable surface solutions for vehicle interiors without any compromises in performance and quality. Therefore, our sustainable product design is based on three pillars: Carbon Neutrality, Circular Economy and Unique Product Performance as Enabler. This is how we achieve sustainability in a variety of approaches that can also be combined. But how do we make our surfaces more sustainable? 

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