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      VDO Link: The solution for data transfer from tachographs to platforms

      • The first plug-and-play solution of its kind
      • Retrieve data on vehicle and driver remotely and in real time – without permanently installed telematic units
      • Simplifies compliance tasks, especially for small fleets


      Continental presents a new solution for compliance in transport logistics at this year's TechShow: VDO Link. It is a dongle, i.e., a hardware key that enables data transfer between tachographs and online platforms for fleet management – without the need of permanently installed telematic units in vehicles. Retrieving data from digital tachographs manually is costly and time-consuming. For this reason, larger transport service providers rely on remote downloading of data. However, this requires a permanently installed telematics unit. Smaller fleets often do not have the necessary telematics infrastructure and therefore find it hard to benefit most from this solution.

      The VDO Link is a plug-and-play solution that closes exactly this gap. After installation and registration on the VDO Fleet website, the VDO Link sends vehicle and driver data in real time to Continental's secure cloud backend via a secure mobile connection. Thanks to the real-time connection to the cloud, fleet managers can then immediately use Continental's compliance services and get a continuous and up-to-date overview of the status and position of all their vehicles. As a plug-and-play solution from Continental, the VDO Link is the first of its kind and offers the chance to use data from the tachograph to automate processes, simplify tasks and even achieve productivity gains.

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      Valerie Libercka

      Media Spokesperson Smart Mobility

      Continental Automotive