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      AMBIENC3 concept vehicle

      Retro Meets the Future

      VW T2 microvan conversion presents the latest surface solutions and innovative, sustainable materials and technologies

      Seamless, barrier-free and intuitive: what applies to modern communication via the internet also applies to the future mobility experience. “Vehicle interiors of the future are set to become trendier and multifunctional, merging cockpit, living area and work space. In other words, they will become a versatile third living space. Consumers will expect the use of sustainable materials, appealing designs and, of course, convenient digital solutions,” said Setzer of the mobility trends that are important for Continental, adding: “With our AMBIENC3 concept vehicle based on a Volkswagen T2 Bus, we will be highlighting the strengths of our technologies and innovations, our sustainability and our designs in an emotional way here at the trade fair, in keeping with the ‘retro meets future’ theme.”

      As part of the AMBIENC3 – a combination of “ambience” and “3rd space” – trade fair visitors will experience the future of vehicle interiors designed by Continental. The concept of the so-called third space refers to a common space that is different from the home (first space) and the workplace (second space), or combines the two. As such, the AMBIENC3 connects worlds and the current themes of design, functionality, sustainability and personalization. Everything about the concept car is new and innovative, including the design, the look and feel, and the lighting.

      Smart surface solutions play a key role here, for example when they are enhanced by functional printing or combine greater comfort with passive climate control and breathability. The car also features the Ac2ated Sound system, offering immersive audio without speakers, and the ProViu360 driver assistance system, which gives the driver much better situational awareness thanks to a camera surround system. A further feature is its intelligent glass control with adjustable dimming and heating functions, which saves energy and ensures exceptional comfort and convenience.

      The built-in solar charger also uses photovoltaics to generate environmentally friendly energy. And the eTravel.Companion is a software-programmed travel companion that provides the driver with interactive and personalized support during the journey with tips and recommendations relating to the route, refueling or the condition of the vehicle. The special feature of the innovative technology is that the eTravel.Companion is connected to the user’s smartphone, not to a single car. In this way, the full range of services can be used in any vehicle – which is a great advantage, for example, when sharing or hiring cars. Thanks to artificially intelligent algorithms, the system is able to continuously learn and offer individually tailored support for many facets of travel. These connected and smart solutions offer improved climate protection and accident prevention.

      For a comprehensive overview of the new concept and all its details, see also the AMBIENC3 multimedia web portal.

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