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      IAA 2021

      Safe. Connected. Convenient.

      Driving the future of mobility for 150 years.

      At the Munich Motor Show IAA in September 2021, technology company Continental has looked into the future of mobility under the tagline “Safe. Connected. Convenient. Driving the future of mobility for 150 years.”

      Continental has presented its latest technologies and innovations under the umbrella of two highlight topics: Automated Driving and Server-based Architecture. Further essential topics on display have been: Sustainability, User Experience, Smart Mobility und Safety and Motion.

      Here you will find highlights, impressions and materials for your coverage.

      Your contacts for press inquiries regarding the IAA MOBILITY 2021: Press Contacts

      IAA Impressions: Nikolai Setzer and Nico Rosberg at IAA

      Continental CEO Nikolai Setzer and former Formula 1 racing driver Nico Rosberg are seen at IAA MOBILITY on September 7, 2021 in Munich, Germany. Continental gave an outlook on how tire are becoming more sustainable in the future. The concept tire Conti GreenConcept will feature their innovative current and future technologies and is aimed at intelligent vehicle concepts with resource-efficient drive technologies. (Photo by Marc Mueller/Getty Images for Continental AG)

      Video: Press Briefing with CEO Nikolai Setzer

      At IAA MOBILITY 2021 in Munich, Continental has presented innovative and sustainable solutions for the future of global mobility.

      Under the tagline “Safe. Connected. Convenient. Driving the Future of Mobility for 150 Years,” the technology company has presented as part of a press briefing for example a world first in the form of a particularly sustainable tire concept: the Conti GreenConcept.

      Please find here the recording of the press briefing with CEO Nikolai Setzer as of September 6, 2021.

      AMBIENC3 and Conti GreenConcept Celebrate World Premiere at IAA

      Technology Dossiers

      Technology knowledge in compact form

      How does software turn cars into high-performance computers? Do today’s vehicle architectures reach their limits when it comes to complexity and capabilities? How can safety and advanced driver assistance systems detect hazards and obstacles reliably? Will the United Nations decide if and when autonomous driving will be possible on European roads? Can smart, electrically powered and shared traffic concepts reduce traffic density in cities?

      In our background articles and dossiers you will find answers to these questions, along with many intriguing topics about the technologies that will play a role for the mobility of the future.

      IAA Impressions: Continental at IAA