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      IAA Transportation 2022

      Highlight Topic: Smart Transport

      Transport and traffic keep growing worldwide. This means: Road safety becomes more important, but also safe and fair working conditions for those who drive. We are developing and offering those solutions today!​

      Transport has come more and more under scrutiny for its impacts on safety and well-being of drivers as well as fair transport regulations but also safety. The ongoing public discussion has triggered different regulations:

      • The EU Mobility Package calls for the installation of driver assistance systems in commercial vehicles, others will follow. It also brought into effect a big package to fairer and safer transport in the EU.
      • The intelligent DTCO 4.1 with its new properties has a huge potential to contribute to fairer competition, e.g. helping to enforce cabotage regulations of the mobility package as well as driving and rest times.
      • Driver assistance systems are one of our core competencies. We are able to deliver, and we can help you think about what comes next. For example, HAD.

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