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      Safety and Motion

      More than 1.3 million people die in road accidents worldwide every year, while a further 50 million are injured. However, it’s not just the number of accidents, but also developments such as vehicle electrification and autonomous mobility (connected cars), as well as rules and legal regulations, that are leading to increased requirements in terms of vehicle safety and are driving forward market penetration.

      The overarching goal is Vision Zero, i.e. a safe transport system in which there are no longer any accidents, deaths or injuries. To achieve this, more than just good brakes are needed. Occupant safety for all road users, manage vehicle motion and above all anticipatory, preventive safety functions, are an important step toward this goal. “Safety and Motion” is becoming a vital factor for the success of a vehicle and safety products are becoming dedicated elements in future server-based architectures. And safety is by no means a privilege for a few premium models but will be guaranteed for all vehicles.

      At our TechTalk on August 19, 2021, you were able to learn about our technologies and solutions for safer roads and traffic.

      We had prepared the following sessions for you:

      • Safe Mobility = Safe Motion = Safety and Motion (Download Presentation - pdf (1.29MB))
        Ralph Lauxmann, Senior Vice President Strategy & Future Solutions, Business Area Autonomous Mobility and Safety, Continental
      • Evolution of Brake Controls to Motion Systems (Download Presentation - pdf (1.06MB))
        Amit Kapoor, Head of Research & Development, Business Unit Vehicle Dynamics, Continental
        Jean-Michel Verdier, Head of Research & Development, Business Unit Hydraulic Brake Systems, Continental
      • In-Cabin Sensing – Future View for Passenger Vehicle Applications (Download Presentation - pdf (1.64MB))
        Heinz Abel, Head of Cross Product Solutions & Product Management Interior Sensing, Business Unit Human Machine Interface, Continental
      • Crash Sensing – Evolution of Occupant Protection Applications (Download Presentation - pdf (1.19MB))
        Jochen Zimmermann, Head of Research & Development Occupant Safety Systems, Business Unit Passive Safety & Sensorics, Continental

      Sören Pinkow

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Safety and Motion

      Continental Automotive

      Our Experts

      Our speakers at the TechTalk on the topic of Safety and Motion.