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      Press Pictures & Quotes

      Nikolai Setzer and Gilles Mabire

      Quotes on the occassion of the press conference at TechShow Around the World 2021

      Frankfurt, October 28, 2021

      Nikolai Setzer, Continental CEO

      Mobility of Tomorrow:

      “Mobility of the future will be sustainable, automated and connected, resulting in value creation and brand differentiation in the mobility industry. In addition to advanced hardware, software will make an ever greater difference in the future.”

      “Central intelligence plays a decisive role when it comes to the interaction of all elements. To this end, the car of the future will feature a server-based architecture with central high-performance computers that process the constant flow of information from the vehicle and from an external network, while at the same time controlling the car’s functions.”

      “Together with our customers, we – as architects and technology integrators – develop the central nervous system of the mobility of the future.” 


      “In our anniversary year, we are consistently aligning our Automotive Technologies group sector with long-term technology and market trends and thus with our strategic action fields.”

      Software market and expertise:

      “The market for software is booming. The growth prospects are attractive for all market participants – car manufacturers, suppliers and IT companies. In order to successfully master the increasingly complex tasks, the interaction of skills and expertise must be well orchestrated.”

      “Software is becoming a value driver. The perceptible part of this software market is what sets brands apart for carmakers. But a larger share of this market – an estimated 60 percent, roughly – consists of software that is not distinctive. Suppliers like Continental are in a very good position, especially in this area.”

      “Today, we are already one of the leading software players in the automotive industry. With about 17,000 software and IT specialists and the knowledge they possess, we are pressing forward with the development of the software-defined vehicle. In addition, since the end of 2018 our company’s own software academy has been fostering and expanding the expertise of our employees internationally. More than 20,000 staff members are currently furthering their training in the software academy.”


      “Car manufacturers, suppliers and IT companies can master the growing complexity only in close collaboration as partners.”

      Gilles Mabire, future CTO of Automotive, Continental:

      “Our software powerhouse can be found in the he[a]t organization. For us, this is synonymous with software and systems excellence.”

      “With our two subsidiaries Argus and Elektrobit, we are very well set up when it comes to software. We are working very closely together with both of them on the transition to new vehicle architectures with central high-performance computers. Our mutual goal is to further enhance traffic safety and data security with pioneering software solutions.”

      “Since last spring, we have been working together with Amazon Web Services in a long-term development venture to create the Continental Automotive Edge Framework, or CAEdge. The goal here is not only to securely connect the vehicle with the cloud, but also to provide development tools for future software, sensor systems and big-data solutions that will greatly accelerate developments for volume production.”

      “CAEdge is currently being tested and used to validate the emergency brake assist system, a vehicle function that is crucial for safety. This is the first production project that makes use of CAEdge and will be available by the end of the year.”

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      Nikolai Setzer

      Chairperson of the Executive Board

      Gilles Mabire

      Head of Business Unit Commercial Vehicles and Services and future CTO of Automotive, Continental