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      Press Release
      March 18, 2014

      Continental and Schaeffler Point Up Immense Savings Potential

      • At the Vienna Motor Symposium, Continental and Schaeffler present jointly developed demonstration car with greatly reduced fuel consumption
      • The Gasoline Technology Car (GTC) cuts fuel consumption by up to 15 percent in comparison to base car with downsized engine
      • In keeping with 1 + 1 = 3 motto, the vehicle's integrated approach makes possible efficiency gains not feasible with separately installed components 


      Regensburg, Herzogenaurach, March 18, 2014. In close collaboration, the two leading international automotive suppliers, Continental and Schaeffler, have developed a demonstration car that marks a new dimension in the hybridization of passenger cars with a downsized gasoline engine. With their joint project, the Gasoline Technology Car (GTC), the two automotive suppliers demonstrate the kind of results the interplay of the two product portfolios can achieve. By working together, the engineers at Continental and Schaeffler have managed to cut the GTC's consumption and curb its CO2 emissions by 15 percent in comparison to the base vehicle. This, at the same time, allows the vehicle to meet the limits defined by the upcoming Euro 6c emissions standard (2017/2018). The GTC is very deliberately based on a vehicle whose engine was already cited for its efficiency as Engine of the Year 2012. Continental and Schaeffler implemented the project with the aim of enabling further, marked gains in efficiency even in the case of this modern powertrain with a downsized three-cylinder gasoline engine.

      "The strength of the GTC lies in the fact that we looked at the vehicle in its entirety, optimizing it on this basis as well. That is why the efficient 48-V electrification and its intelligent deployment enjoy equal standing in the advanced development of the conventional drive," says José Avila, member of the Executive Board of Continental and head of the Powertrain division. "The GTC's individual components are networked in such a way that the whole is more than the sum of its parts," explains Prof. Peter Gutzmer, member of the Schaeffler Executive Board and responsible for research and development. "It is only thanks to intelligent interaction that many of the technologies make possible the Gasoline Technology Car's low fuel consumption."

      The scope of technology contained in the GTC include numerous measures aimed at optimization of the combustion engine, of power transmission and of the Continental 48 Volt Eco Drive System.
      The measures involving the combustion engine focus on the use of a modern injection system, reduced friction losses, and the holistic optimization of the operating strategy. Integration of an electrified coupling system was one of the measures taken to improve power transmission. What is more, optimization of the exhaust tract also plays a role in the solutions featured. 

      Details of the Gasoline Technolog Car will be presented to trade professionals for the first time at the 35th International Vienna Motor Symposium (May 8-9, 2014).

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