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      Continental Wins BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award for CoSmA UWB Digital Vehicle Access Solution

      • CoSmA UWB is the first smartphone-based system to enable hands-free vehicle access with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology
      • Functions such as digital key sharing and theft protection through highly accurate localization make car use more convenient and secure
      • Continental's CoSmA transceiver is used for access system in BMW iX

      Regensburg, Germany, November 22, 2022. Continental has reason to celebrate at this year's BMW Supplier Innovation Awards: The technology company won in the digitalization category with its CoSmA UWB vehicle access solution. Following the award at the PACE Awards, this is the second honor bestowed on the innovative digital access solution. CoSmA UWB is the first system to use ultra-wideband radio to offer drivers completely new functions related to vehicle access via smartphone. Continental's CoSmA transceiver is already in use in the BMW iX and provides drivers with a digital user experience even before they get into the vehicle.

      "We are delighted that our access solution has won the BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award. Our CoSmA transceiver makes digital vehicle access possible, combining the latest technology with convenience and security. With CoSmA UWB, our entire team has proven that we are the best partner when it comes to developing such solutions," says Jean-Francois Tarabbia, head of the Architecture & Networking business area at Continental.

      With CoSmA UWB, the smartphone takes on a central role in the use of the vehicle. While the connection between smartphone and vehicle is established via Bluetooth Low Energy, ultra-wideband radio technology ensures precisely locate the smartphone. This opens up completely new possibilities: For example, the car unlocks itself when approached without the driver having to pick up the smartphone. Security against theft by intercepting the radio signal is also significantly increased based on the precise localization. In addition, digital keys can be shared with other people. This solution was brought into series production for the first time with the BMW iX.

      Cross-industry development in the Car Connectivity Consortium

      The collaboration between Continental as a supplier and BMW as a manufacturer on CoSmA UWB has already won the prestigious Automotive News PACE Innovation Partnership Award. Vehicle access via ultra-wideband wireless technology was developed as part of the cross-industry Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), which brings together automakers such as BMW, smartphone manufacturers and technology companies such as Continental to improve communication and integration between smartphones and vehicles.

      Since 2013, BMW Group has honored its suppliers for outstanding innovations and development achievements with the BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award. This year, 18 companies were among those nominated, receiving awards in the categories of Customer Experience, Sustainability, Drivetrain & E-Mobility, Digitalization, and Newcomer of the Year. The award ceremony took place on November 17 in the BMW World in Munich, Germany.

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