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      Award-winning: Seeing the Invisible

      • Surround view cameras show what is outside the field of vision
      • System makes maneuvering on off-road routes and in narrow spaces safer and more comfortable

      The Transparent Hood

      With the transparent hood, Continental is presenting an innovative technology that provides a better overview when driving and maneuvering in narrow spaces. The transparent hood makes it possible to keep an eye on areas directly outside the field of vision in front of and below the vehicle. A system consisting of four surround view cameras and a smart control unit generates live images while driving, parking or leaving a parking space. These pictures are put together by an intelligent image processing algorithm and transmitted to a screen in the vehicle's interior.


      Continental is the first company in the world to develop such a technology. The advantages can be experienced in a test vehicle at the TechShow. The system helps the driver to see high curbs, road bumps or potholes that are out of his field of vision. That way, a bottleneck maneuver, for instance, becomes clearer. The system also makes maneuvering on off-road routes safer.

      Continental received the CES 2020 Innovation Award in the product category Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation for this innovative technology.

      Transparent Vehicle and V2X improve traffic safety

      Continental’s Transparent Vehicle technology gives drivers a full view of a vehicle’s surroundings. Utilizing four cameras, it captures images from around a vehicle and then applies Continental’s proprietary algorithm to stitch them together through a control unit. The result is an unobstructed view of the surroundings from any angle, which allows for safer low-speed maneuvers and parking. By giving drivers a new perspective, Continental’s Transparent Vehicle technology can improve safety and reduce crashes.

      Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology using Collective Perception improves traffic safety differently. Collective Perception adds information from new V2X message standards to enable cars and drivers to see through the eyes of others. With V2X using Collective Perception, a vehicle leverages information from other vehicles’ sensors and infrastructure sensors to enhance safety in non-line-of-sight situations. This is significant because of the benefit to vulnerable road users who, according to the World Health Organization, represent more than 50% of all worldwide traffic fatalities — including pedestrians, animals, bicyclists, scooters, skateboarders and motorcyclists.

      The technology supports Continental’s Vision Zero: a goal for a future with Zero Crashes, Zero Fatalities and Zero injuries. The Transparent Vehicle and V2X Technology using Collective Perception were recognized as honorees at the CES Innovation Awards 2022 in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation Category.

      The Transparent Trailer

      The Transparent Trailer technology extends Continental’s trailering portfolio to allow drivers to “see through” a trailer in haul and check the area behind and beside it. Based on Continental’s Surround View system, the technology enables safer driving while towing. Two cameras and a control unit work together to provide a panoramic view that renders the trailer virtually invisible. The result is a seamless live feed for drivers to see the road and any obstacles behind the trailer.

      The state-of-the-art Transparent Trailer technology was awarded for the CES 2021 Innovation Honoree Award in the Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation product category, 

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