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      MultiViu Compact 7 display

      The flexible and high-quality MultiViu Compact 7 primary instrumentation ensures greater efficiency and ease of operation when steering and controlling agricultural machinery. Twenty-four status indicators offer plenty of space for important vehicle information, and the display shows any customer-defined information, such as speed, revs and fill levels. This solution helps vehicle manufacturers display large amounts of driver information in a correct and understandable way.


      • A universal instrumentation solution – the MultiViu Compact 7 can be used as an instrument cluster or a second device (e.g. for menu navigation)
      • Tough and scratch-resistant mineral glass surface
      • Optical bonding ensures that the display remains readable, even in strong sunlight
      • The optional touchscreen enables operator guidance
      • Model-based programming environment allows easy creation of individual applications

      Technical data

      • 7-inch display optionally available with touchscreen
      • Operating temperature range from -30°C to +70°C
      • Two CAN connectors, one analog video input and multiple digital or analog inputs and outputs
      • Up to 24 telltales possible
      • 12V & 24V versions
      • IP67 standard

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