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      Data Monetization Platform

      Data Monetization Platform


      Using "Connected Parking" as an exemplary use case, the demonstrator shows how trading with vehicle data works and how both - drivers and car manufacturers - benefit from it. Fair visitors can experience how they collect data on their driving journey. By sharing it with other users, they collect coins and additionally, as users of the Connected Parking service, benefit from the data other drivers share.


      • Blockchain-based platform enabling a decentralized data marketplace
      • Data monetization: Transactions are registered on the blockchain to enable secure, traceable and efficient payments without intermediaries.
      • Data exchange: The data is transferred directly and with end-to-end encryption between the data provider and the data consumer.
      • With "Earn as you Ride", car drivers earn when they collect and share data. The aim is to increase the amount of data and thus make swarm intelligence services better.
      • Our partners: Hewlett Packard Enterprise,


      Three components demonstrate the user experience:

      • Drivers give their consent via an mobile application and thus allow the OEM access to their vehicle data.
      • Dashboard shows how service providers can buy data from various OEMs and other data sources via the marketplace.
      • The driver experiences how the data of other drivers help to find an available parking space along the street.


      • Drivers remain in full control of their data

      • GDPR compliant for end-user through an opt-in and opt-out system based on rewards

      • Improves the quality and global reach of driving relevant services in the car to increase safety and comfort for drivers.