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      Intelligent Glass Control Demofahrzeug

      Intelligent Glass Control Demo Car


      Intelligent Glass Control enables high comfort through automatic or manual discoloration of vehicle glazing. Our product controls special films which are inserted into the glass and which change their transparency according to the applied voltage level. With optimized electronic control of the new film technology „Liquid Crystal (LC)” on the sidelites, we can provide a neutral color, fast switching speed, good contrast and low temperature dependance.


      Liquid Crystal film technology:

      • Neutral (black) color
      • Fast switching speed
      • Segmentation
      • Power type: < 20 V AC, less than 1 VA/ m²
      • Stand-alone ECU or in future integrated into vehicle‘s existing Continental ECUs
      • High software and system competence to enable full integration into the vehicle and thereby maximum user benefits

      Media Experience

      • Intelligent Glass Control connects car windows and on-board computers
      • New film technology Segmented Liquid Crystal will be shown on demo car
      • New glass quality and automated shading
      • Car window becomes the digital interface for many functions


      • Intelligent Glass Control offers new opportunities for increased safety and lower emissions
      • High comfort through manual or automatic discoloration of the glass
      • Increasing glass surfaces and autonomously driven vehicles require OEMs to implement innovative technology into vehicle glazing