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      ContiSense Technology

      ContiSense Technology: Sensing tire and road conditions

      An intelligent tire technology concept for sensing tire and road condition, measuring inflation pressure, temperature and tread depth, detection of tire puncture, signal transmission to vehicle and smart phone


      • Concept for sensors which are surface - or structural integrated into a tire
      • Usage of electric conductive rubber for sensing and transporting signals
      • Automatic sensing of tire and road condition
      • Signal transmission from tire to vehicle or cloud realized by eTIS – an tire related TPMS system
      • Radio transmission by RF or Bluetooth possible

      Customer Experience

      • A demonstrator vehicle is equipped with tire prototypes of the ContiSense concept. The automatic detection of tire conditions like inflation-pressure, temperature or a puncture can be observed in a static or dynamic mode.

        Exhibits are available to get an insight view into the sensor technology.

      Customer Benefit  

      • Automatic TireHealth and TreadDepth monitoring
      • Features for carefee tires
      • TireSensor features for autonomous driving or fleet monitoring